Who is this loony?


Go to roaf’s site, Gaijin Tonic, and find out.

He reminds me of one of my relatives, who shall remain nameless…

Loonies come in many shapes and sizes.

One of my favourite types is the ‘Pot Laugher’, so-named for their penchant for sitting alone in bars, laughing at their beers. As well as the customary hearty chuckle, they express their platonic love by muttering sweet nothings in the direction of their drink.

Another brand of loony is the ‘Collector’. I’m not talking here of your normal person with a single hobby such as stamp collecting or coin collecting. I’m talking your fully blown collector of old cardboard boxes, back issues of the local paper, string, used milk cartons, KFC food wrappers – all at once.

The ‘Winter Dresser’ can be seen walking down Puckle St in the middle of summer wearing an overcoat, scarf, gloves, and woollen hat. Near relative, the ‘Summer Dresser’ is seen at the other spectrum of the scale, wearing t-shirt, shorts and thongs in the depth of winter.

Any other categories I’ve left out in my haste to get to bed? As Hans would say [listen to sidebar audio file] ‘Let me know’.


5 Responses to Who is this loony?

  1. Simonne says:

    Here in Perth, we have a (very hirsuit, not that that matters I suppose!) crazy guy on a bicycle who mutters and laughs and rides hundreds of kms a day. We also have the Penguin Lady, who carries a giant stuffed penguin with her EVERYWHERE she goes. This includes taking it with her during her workouts at the gym! (This I can confirm as I used to work at the gym where she trained). WEIRD!!

  2. roaf says:

    Hey, thanks for the link! Actually, i don’t know why I focus on Japan so much, when there are far more loonies in the UK. In my home town there was a bloke who dressed up like Robin Hood and pranced about the town, playing the fiddle.
    But my favourite was a total fruitcake, who’d get on the tube train, hold a beatbox over his head, blasting out god-awful dance music, and pace up and down the train carriage in time with the music. Loony!

  3. clarkebruce says:

    Bless you both – what an hilarious way to start my day, imagining Penguin Lady, the Bicycle Nutter, Robin Hood and the Beatbox Bandit.

    Roaf’s story of the guy on the tube reminded me of the time I was living in London and this guy got on wearing shiny black leather full body suit, chains all over it, and one of those German war helmets with the metal spike on top. He was a faily mean looking dude with shaved head, and I was a bit scared of him the few times I saw him, until one night he fell asleep on the tube opposite me and pissed his pants severely.

    You are right, roaf, on thinking about it, I saw far more loonies per head of population on London tubes than I’ve seen anywhere in the world.

  4. Col Gray says:


  5. MOOSEBOY says:

    I remember seeing a lady dressed up in a Pluck A Duck outfit eating christmas dinner!

    I can also recall hearing about a pissd bloke coming home from Melbourne on the Broadmeadows line. This guy proceeded to strip off down to his jocks then started dreaming about his missus. Lucky there were no possums around!

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