Star Wars + 30 years

Mystery Star Wars Star

OK, Star Wars fans, (that means you, Mrs Gray) – here’s a quiz for you.

Which character did this guy play in the original Star Wars movie, 30 years ago?

Answers, as well as a couple of other classic then-and-now photos are over here at Recent World.

May the force be with you.

Clue – he does his hair differently nowadays.


7 Responses to Star Wars + 30 years

  1. Simonne says:

    It’s Peter Mayhew, the dude who played Chewbacca!! He’s an English ex-hospital orderly! Do I win a prize?!

  2. clarkebruce says:

    Nice work Simonne. No prize but plenty of kudos in being the first person in the whole world to get it right.

    So far this site has readers in USA, Papua New Guinea, Japan, Australia and a few pesky kiwis every now and then. A very competitive market I reckon.

  3. […] by bdunc1 on June 23rd, 2007 Thanks to Bruce for finding this one. Here’s the complete “Where Are They Now?” I’m not a […]

  4. Simonne says:

    Wow, cool! I guess kudos is prize enough!!

  5. Col Gray says:

    Everywhere I go I’m surrounded by Star Wars fanatics and characters and wannabes and memorabilia and lookalikes and movies and books and documentaries and impersonators and soundtracks and triliogies and sequals and prequals and lego and toys and the force and cast reunions and where are they nows and the making ofs…and…Star Wars makes me sick…

  6. clarkebruce says:

    You’re just upset that you couldn’t pick Chewie out of the line up.

    “Everywhere I go I’m surrounded by Star Wars fanatics…” – that would be your missus.

  7. Col Gray says:

    I did in fact pick Chewie out of your line up but I just didn’t want to get into your silly Star Wars Games.

    How could I live with my Star Wars Missus without knowing all of the cast intimately?

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