Been in a Good Paddock

I only caught the end of the annual EJ Whitten Legends Game on TV tonight, but I did note several players have been in a very good paddock since retiring:

Derek Kickett – though he was in a good paddock even when he was playing in the big time

Scott Cummings – doesn’t just take the cake, he takes the whole bakery

Darren Bewick – adding a new, weighty dimension to FURC’dom (Pascoe Vale wicketkeeper style)

Mick Martyn – doing a Col Gray impersonation?

Leon Cameron – allergic to bee stings perhaps? (Three Amigos style)

Nathan Burke – his jib hat must have had a slimming effect in his playing days

Todd Russell – has been carbo loading in case he gets trapped in a mine again!

I’ll post a few photos when they surface on the net. Let me know if you spotted any other interesting sights during the match.

PS – TD could still get a game – with Richmond.

EDIT – Here he is, the one and only DK. Tell me he hasn’t had the odd beer post-retirement.



3 Responses to Been in a Good Paddock

  1. Scott says:

    What about Paul Barnard’s hairline! He seemed to have the same haircut, however it was losing ground from the front and had nearly reached the north pole. Most of us change hair cuts by that stage, so it must be the denial stage. Apologies to all bombers if my eyes were mistaken!

    I liked the commentary on Todd Russell. a. He needs to dig deeper, and b. He was nearly buried alive..again.

    Mick Martyn is clearly having 8 Weet Bix these days. “Carlton, don’t forget ya Weet Bix!”

  2. clarkebruce says:

    Didn’t see Barnard’s haircut but you paint a very vivid picture, Scott.

    I reckon he was going the ‘Hoyts’ look at the end of his playing days (you know, you could screen a drive-in movie on his forehead).

    I also missed the Todd Russell lines but wish I’d thought of them.

  3. Col Gray says:

    Dunno about the odd beer post retirement for DK Derek Kickett but I’m sure he’s been on the turtle.

    Have you seen Santa’s video of the 1993 season in review? You forget what a good player DK was…

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