30,000 hits – unbelievable!

Last week I posted the stats from my first two month’s blogging. The most hits I’ve had in a single day is 96, and what a day that was! 🙂

I knew my numbers were miniscule compared with some of the power bloggers out there like ProBlogger or Seth, but I really had no comprehension of the sheer volume of the potential blogging audience until I read Post-Mortem of My First Visit to the Digg Front Page on Jason Batholme’s SEO blog.

The article describes Jason’s experience with having one of his posts picked up by Digg and a few other social networking sites. A lazy 30,000 hits in one day, if you don’t mind!

(Imagine having to let your host know that what you have posted is so relevant and important to the web community that the traffic is likely to bring their servers to their knees! And to apologise to other customers for the impact your traffic has had on services to their site.)

Later on I found out that Problogger has nearly 25,000 subscribers. Sure beats my six!

I didn’t start up my blog to make money or even to build an audience – pretty much I wanted a repository for my writing endeavours, and I came across WordPress and fell in love with the functionality, look, feel (and price!) and the rest is history.

I soon found, however, that the WordPress stats section is pretty addictive, and I’m finding it hard not to think about ways of boosting my numbers – especially when I read posts like When Was Your Greatest Day of Traffic and How Did it Happen?

That would probably mean finding a niche, and writing more for others rather than myself. Also it would require more time and effort put into blogging, and with a focus on monetisation rather than just on the enjoyment of writing about things I find interesting or amusing.

I think I’m better off concentrating on writing and marketing some articles for publication and leave the blogging as an enjoyable sideline.

I’d be interested in your thoughts…


5 Responses to 30,000 hits – unbelievable!

  1. Sicarii says:

    I’d rather enjoy blogging for what it is.

    It all depends on what you really set out to achieve by starting the blog — if it’s writing for yourself and just having a good time doing it, then skip the monetization.

    Do what makes you happy, mate.

  2. Cliff Burns says:

    Yeah, it’s hard to read some of these numbers (hits) and not feel a bit intimidated. I was quite proud of my modest count until I was directed to a site devoted to RPG’s (role playing games) and it had over two million hits. That’s right, two MILLION. Good Lord. But it’s the content that will win people over in the end. Posting consistently and posting consistently good stuff. I don’t waste my readers’ time, I don’t pull my punches or mince words. Keep things interesting, don’t crowd the eye, lots of spacing and images to break the flow of words. But in the end, you live or die by the quality and clarity of your thoughts/words. Er, at least, that’s what I tell myself.

  3. clarkebruce says:

    Sicarii – Thanks for dropping by and leaving your thoughts. I think you’re right, I will enjoy the blogging experience more by writing for myself and seeing who comes along for the ride.

    Cliff – Two million hits! That truly is unbelievable. By the way I checked out your site and was impressed by the passion you have towards your writing. I’m hoping to pay a longer visit over the weekend and read some of your sample pieces.

  4. Sicarii says:

    You’re most welcome, mate.

    @Cliff: I’d agree with Bruce that your site is worth paying a visit to, and I’m going to right this instant. And I am sure I’ll learn a few good lessons there.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. roaf says:

    Yeah, I usually get about 100 a day if i write something, but one day somebody stuck my site on Ebaum’sWorld and I got 20,000 hits in one day. Disappointingly, the number of readers went right back down again a few days later!

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