Stable visit

Tarpins in stable Today Wakes, Fiona and I went to Cliff Brown’s stables at Flemington and met ‘our’ horse Tarpins. It was great to meet Chris Bock, who was very welcoming and happy to show us around Cliff’s new training complex at the back of Flemington, between the Hayes and Hawkes stables.

Tarpins himself looked in great nick, as you can see from these photos. He behaved himself impeccably and seemed pleased with all the attention. Chris told us Tarpins had not been behaving “too coltish” which I think means he hasn’t been too frisky. If he does get too coltish, he may find himself making a trip to the vet. The horse nodded when he heard this, so I think he understands too.

Tarpins lives in this prestigeous Number 1 stall, and has Drumbeater right outside his window to keep him company. The female horses are kept up the other end of the stables, a further attempt to limit coltishness. He is enjoying his food and has settled in well from his recent move to this stable, as have the other horses.

He had a practice barrier trial during the week and apparently did OK. He may be having a more serious jump out towards the end of this week – if so we are hoping to go along and watch.

We also spent a bit of time checking out some of the other ‘Read Racing’ horses – Drumbeater, Ask the Music, Sayaprayerforme, and Emission’s half-sister, Ariella. There are some photos of these here if you’re interested.

We had a great time patting the horses and admiring their strength, size and athleticism. Chris tells us we are welcome to call in any time – one of the advantages of being associated with a smaller trainer.

Can’t wait for our boy to have his first start – hopefully it won’t be too long away.


2 Responses to Stable visit

  1. Scott says:

    Our day was a drive to Royal Pakenham to watch this year’s Cox Plate winner run an inglorious 3rd last. By the 10th race, the inside barriers (we drew 2) were severely disadvantaged by the chopped up surface, which had incredibly been rated Heavy and deteriorating despite having seen no rain for 8 days. I believe the Royal Pakenham Racing Club were using some of the turf they used at Moorabbin in the ’70’s.

    The girl went from “cruising” at the 700m, according to the jockey, to dog-paddling at the 650m. She pulled up with an elevated heart rate, a tad under mine fortunately for her.

    We are putting the gutbuster she obviously had, down to the track condition, as there aren’t too many other explanations.

  2. clarkebruce says:

    Sounds like they have the same curator as the SCG

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