Write On! – The First Two Months

Believe it or not, my blog has been going for just over two months now.

I thought a few of you might be interested in some of my stats:

Number of page views: 1595

Number of posts: This is number 50

Number of comments: 163

Biggest Commenter: Colin Gray 40

Most page views in a single day: 96

Most popular post: Top 5 Comedy Lines 118 views & 39 comments

Number of email subscribers: 7

Weirdest Search Term Used to Find Me: “laxative forced humiliation stories” – I have that market covered, Google it if you don’t believe me!

Best Achievement #1: Author Angela Savage referred to one of my posts on her blog.

Best Achievement #2: Fellow blogger Brett asked me to guest post on his site

Best Achievement #3: Google now recognise the Wakelin Solutionz site

Other Achievements: Old school friend Vivienne and old cricket teammate Farmer tracked me down via the web

Thanks to my regular readers and commenters for their ongoing support.


5 Responses to Write On! – The First Two Months

  1. bdunc1 says:

    Bruce – congrats! You’ve definitely got a great thing going here. And trust me, you will have much higher achievements with this blog than me asking you to write on mine. I’ve been equally blessed by your links and mentions.

    – Brett

  2. Beksclarke says:

    lol. I google seached the”laxative forced humiliation stories” you were put as number one result. go you! 2 months and counting! woohoo!

  3. dragonlife says:

    Well, you might be surprised that a French Cricketer in Japan just joined the crowd!

  4. clarkebruce says:

    Brett – thanks for the ups

    Beks – Yup, I have that market covered.
    I also have the Showeranasherry (Scott’s horse) market covered

  5. clarkebruce says:

    Welcome Dragonlife

    I look forward to checking out your site and finding out how a French Cricketer has ended up in Japan.

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