My movies


I spent part of yesterday updating the database for my DVD collection.

I’ve been using OXD Movie Organiser software, which can be downloaded free from here. The Movie Organiser software is integrated with the MOODb movie database, as well as the IMDB database.

Populating your personal database with details of the movies in your collection is as simple as keying in the title and selecting from the list of possible matches provided. By selecting the appropriate option, your personal database is automatically updated with details of the DVD, including cast, director, year, running time, genre, and a thumbnail shot of the cover graphics.

You can keep a record of DVD’s that you have lent to friends – a great feature except that most of mine get lent out after marathon dinner parties, and the first I know they are out is when they get returned!

An online list of my DVD collection can be found here.


2 Responses to My movies

  1. col gray says:

    How much would Donny love the MOVIE ORGANISER site? Especially the bit about keeping a record of loaning DVD’s to friends and family. Do they have a bit about due dates or late fees if I don’t get the movies back by the designated next day?

  2. clarkebruce says:

    I think you can set up an electronic link to a collection agency so they can doorknock your mates at 7am the day after the movie was due back.

    Once DMD gets wind of this software, what is the bet he goes looking for a music version to keep track of his Bing Crosby vinyls?

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