AFL Books Not Likely to Sell


On those rare occasions that the Essendon FC loses, I head straight to the Bombertalk forum to commiserate with fellow supporters about the game. The site used to be hosted on the official EFC site but for a variety of reasons it was closed down last year, and is now administered by a dedicated group of volunteers. I enjoy the site much more now that club-imposed rules (eg don’t bag players!) are not zealously enforced. In general the community is quick to jump to the defence of any players unfairly slagged off. (Kepler Bradley vs Collingwood did not have too many defenders…)

A lot of the threads are pretty club specific, but there are a few more general ones that may be of interest to all AFL fans.

One of my favourites is this post, which has now spilled onto its 12th page. It contains many humourous anti-suggestions for AFL Books that are unlikely to find much of a market.

For example How to Reed and Right by The Collingwood Football Club.

You may also wish to check out this thread, which talks about some of the fun I had at the Richmond President’s Dinner last week.


3 Responses to AFL Books Not Likely to Sell

  1. Hi Bruce,

    A couple that came to mind:

    “How to take a quick set shot for goal” by Matthew Lloyd

    “Club Loyalty to the Game’s Best Coach” By Essendon Football Club

    PS Go Bombers!

  2. Perhaps:

    ‘Strategies and Support for Helping Players beat Addictions’ by the AFL

    ‘The Sydney Swans Brand of Entertaining Football’ by Andrew Demetriou

  3. AFL says:

    How about:

    “How to Behave in Public” by Brendan Fevola, Kane Johson et al.

    “The Art of Handball” by Kevin Bartlett

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