Oils Frontman in Bean Bag Scandal

Peter Garrett Spotted at the MCG on Saturday night, former Midnight Oil frontman, and now Labor MP, Peter Garrett, dressed in a “stylish” chocolate brown corduroy suit.

Some fashion watchers have queried whether it may be the very suit that Graham Teasdale famously wore to the 1977 Brownlow Medal.

I beg to differ – from my close observation, it appears that Garrett, proud environmentalist and card-carrying greenie, has put his money where his mouth is, and recycled one of the chocolate brown bean bags that used to grace the floor of my parents’ house.

The crowd noise made it difficult to hear, though I suspect Garrett would have been accompanied by a Seinfeld-like ‘pfft, pfft’ noise whenever he walked.

I was pleased to note that Garrett is a proud Bomber supporter, participating in a bit of excited fist pumping as the siren sounded to end the match. Alas, no pogo dancing to the strains of ‘See the Bombers Fly Up’ to really top the night off.


6 Responses to Oils Frontman in Bean Bag Scandal

  1. Col Gray says:

    Can we now change the name of the song from ‘Power and the Passion’ to ‘Power and the Fashion’?

  2. Mooseboy says:

    I remember that beanbag!
    Did his suit also smell of burnt material having been too close to the fire?
    I must say it did have a bald patch on it.
    How can we dance when the Bean Bags Burning?

  3. clarkebruce says:

    You wouldn’t ‘Read About It’?

  4. roaf says:

    God, I wondered what happened to that fella. I thought he’d been in hiding since “Beds are Burning!”

  5. col gray says:

    You are priceless Bruce Clarke…you, of all people, should be well aware of the bizarre wardrobe in the world of rock ‘n’ roll. For someone who is critical of Oils front man Peter Garrett’s attire I think you should look at the threads on your own back. After all, wasn’t it you indeed you spent an entire evening out by choice at the Waterloo Cup Hotel clad in a Lee Kernahan outfit? For someone such as yourself who has so much to say about rockstars in bean bags I suggest that maybe it is you who has the ‘Short Memory’.

  6. clarkebruce says:

    Don’t make me drag out the photo of you in your ‘uniform’ standing in front of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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