This “site” is very “funny”

I have become quite the grammar Nazi this year. What choice do I have, with my Editing lecturer Marg in one ear every Wednesday, and the words of Lynne Truss’ Eats Shoots and Leaves ringing in the other?

This site, about the “inappropriate” use of quotation marks, appeals to my sense of “humour” – hope you enjoy it.


3 Responses to This “site” is very “funny”

  1. joy says:

    I can’t possibly be a grammar nazi, I am way to lazy for facism, BUT inappropriate use of quotation marks is quite annoying, I am still scarred from seeing Garage Sale “Today” on a sign 10 years ago.

  2. roaf says:

    Wow, I love that site! I can’t believe anyone is as pedantic as me!

  3. col gray says:

    I tend to agree Bruce Clarke. If there is one thing I hate it is the exclamation mark! The other thing I hate is the multiple exclamation mark!!!

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