Thanks for the tip!

My mate Scott’s horse had its first run today, at the glamourous Moe racetrack.

His last words to me, via text message last night: ‘Too short tomorrow so they don’t expect to run a place.’

Of course, Showeranasherry duly saluted and paid a lazy $17.90 for a win.

Congratulations anyway Scott (said through gritted teeth).

Hopefully our Tarpins will be just as successful first up.

I had been getting a little worried about yesterday’s news that Tarpins is not the sharpest tool in the toolbox. One of the guys at work reassured me, ‘You didn’t buy him to win Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? You bought him to run fast!’


One Response to Thanks for the tip!

  1. Scott Healy says:

    Thanks Mate. We’d always wanted to have a runner at Royal Moe, let alone a winner. Did you know that their version of the Golden Slipper is the Golden Moccassin?

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