Partners in Crime – Part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Crime Writing Panel I attended as part of the Williamstown Literary Festival.

One of the panellists, Angela Savage, has written her own post with her thoughts on the panel.

It’s interesting that even successful, published writers such as Angela, (she has previously won the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award), still question whether they have the ‘authority or credibility to talk about the craft of writing’. I’m sure no-one in the audience had any doubts about Angela’s authority or credibility.

This point was covered by one of my lecturers, Sheila Hollingworth, earlier in the year. Many writers don’t think of themselves as writers. This may be for many reasons – lack of confidence; fear of failure; lack of significant publishing credits; or writing may be a sideline rather than a person’s main vocation or source of income etc. The learning point is, nobody will treat you as a writer if you don’t first see yourself as one. Don’t call yourself ‘an aspiring writer’. Call yourself ‘a writer’.

For the record, Angela gave a polished display on the panel, and provided plenty of interesting and practical advice on writing in general, and crime writing in particular.


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