Interview reflections

Yesterday I interviewed Richard Moore from Sports Plus Fitness for a profile article I’m planning to write for submission to lifestyle magazines and newspaper supplements etc.

Part of the exercise involves transcribing the entire 40 minute interview. I used my brand new Olympus WS-310M Digital Voice Recorder to record the interview – my first ever eBay purchase, believe it or not.

The recorder worked a treat. I was impressed with the recording quality, its compact size, and easy connectivity to my PC via built in USB plug. I recorded in High Quality mode, and the 40 minute interview created an 18 Mb file.

The technology and the interview itself were the fun parts of the day. The process of transcribing was very frustrating and time-consuming and made me realise several things:

  • I am a terrible typist. I should have paid more attention in Mr McKellar’s typing classes in Form 4.
  • I am nowhere near as articulate as I thought I was. Check out this brilliantly phrased question:

“Yeah, OK, and so then from being a massage therapist and working at the gym, it’s still a big step to then go and say ‘I’m going to go out on my own and become my own business and have a shopfront and all that’. Like was that a big step for you?”

  • The body of learning theory that says that people only absorb around 20% of what they hear is right on the money. There were chunks of my conversation with Richard that I had no recollection of, even though the conversation was only 12 hours previous.

So far I’ve transcribed 18 minutes of the interview. The only thing keeping me from finishing the rest of the job is this post…


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