Remember this name!

Wakes and I own 5% of a racehorse. Yesterday was an exciting moment in our brief ownership history – the horse, a colt, was officially named ‘Tarpins’ .

Tarpins’ sire is Pins and his dam is Sailor’s Lift. (Another name for sailor is ‘tar’, hence the name Tarpins). The runner-up in last year’s Cox Plate, El Segundo, is by the same sire. We have high hopes to go one better!

Tarpins is trained by Cliff Brown, who has recently moved to stables in Flemington.

Not sure when our boy will be racing, but I’ll keep you updated on his progress on this site.


7 Responses to Remember this name!

  1. Col Gray says:

    Tarpins?…Do you know your name is a sentence?

  2. Col Gray says:

    How about the trainer?

    Cliff Brown – I always thought that was a place.

  3. clarkebruce says:

    A relative of Teresa Green and Fat Burns, perhaps?

  4. Col Gray says:

    Pear and Wakes, on further investigation of your horse’s name I was thinking that many people name their nag as a word spelt backwards. This made me delve a little further into what I believe may be the real origins of your pony ‘Tarpins’. Backwards, Tarpins would be Sniprat which I believe is the loving term given to a person who performs vactomies. Is there anything you would like to tell us Bruce Clarke?

  5. Col Gray says:

    Sorry. That word should have been vasectomies!

  6. clarkebruce says:

    Aussie Mal’s experiences have warned me off both vactomies and vasectomies for life…

  7. […] – the bright side As I’m sure all my regular readers will know by now, Tarpins failed to live up to the my hype and finished mid-field and definitely out of the […]

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