Firefox v Internet Explorer

This is an interesting article from today’s Melbourne Age newspaper which discusses Firefox’s incursion into Microsoft’s virtual monopoly over the browser market.

I was interested in the analysis by Brian Krebs from The Washington Post which showed IE6 was vulnerable to critical flaws for 284 days of last year, compared with a single nine-day period of vulnerability for Firefox.

After much deliberation and skepticism, I recently changed my browser at home from IE to Firefox. I must say, I haven’t looked back and have been more than impressed with Firefox’s features and reliability. I have added in a few of the plug-ins described in the article and can’t believe how well they integrate into the core product. I wish now I’d made the change to Firefox earlier.


2 Responses to Firefox v Internet Explorer

  1. bdunc1 says:

    Good move. Firefox is outstanding. I do think IE7 has solved a lot of their issues though, and they’ve added tabs (which is one of the things I love most about Firefox).

  2. clarkebruce says:

    You’re right, the tabbed browsing is the coolest feature

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