Ask me about Australia

One of my regular readers, Riza, is from Indonesia. I don’t know too much more about him as his blog site is written in Indonesian which is not one of the 1 (one) languages I can speak.

Riza recently expressed surprise that Australia celebrated Anzac Day.

It got me thinking that there must be thousands of people out there in the Blogosphere who are dying to ask about what it’s like in Australia.

So here’s your chance, ask away.


2 Responses to Ask me about Australia

  1. Riza says:

    I’am sorry, If my blog cannot understand of you. My english …ouw…realy-realy poor vocabulary. Btw, i’ll try to understand your english at your blog. :-).

  2. clarkebruce says:

    Riza, your English is much better than my Indonesion. : )

    Do you have any questions about Australian life you would like me to answer?

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