Ouch, this would hurt!

Chair in skull    This is an x-ray photo of a man with the leg of a chair embedded in his skull. The full story appeared in the The Age newspaper on Friday. Unbelievably the guy survived.

This got me thinking – what is the worst injury that you’ve ever suffered?  

Personally I’ve been bashed around a fair bit. A few broken noses from football, a ruptured biceps tendon (painless, but gives me a great party trick), and a couple of knee operations (football again). Nothing as serious as a chair in the head though. 

My worst experience happened was when I was living in PNG. I was at my mate Minnie’s house having one or ten SP Lagers when Minnie decided one of the guests of his haus meri had overstayed his welcome. In his own inimitable fashion, Minnie escorted the poor fellow to the front door. Emotions were raised, voices were raised even louder, and before we knew it there was an angry gathering of local lads surrounding us. The locals were not particularly large, so relied on throwing large rocks at us to get their point across. Minnie copped a couple of solid blows right in the head and went down like a ton of bricks. One of the youths ran up to me and launched a missile from around 1 metre. Not surprisingly it got me right in the face, smashing my upper lip and chipping my front teeth. A few other rocks got me in the chest before I managed to get back inside for reinforcements. The crowd cleared, but not before throwing one final rock through the back windscreen of my car.

Minnie ended up with a couple of small fractures to his large skull. He had a black eye that would not have looked out of place in a Warner Bros cartoon.

I ended up with multiple stitches in my top lip. It was painful having them put in, but this was nothing like the pain experienced when it was time for the nurse to take them out a week or so later. She had to pull each stitch out of the large scab which had formed on my top lip. It was like being stung by a bee, multiple times. Happily the nurse had to make multiple attempts to extract some of the stitches. There were tears rolling down my cheek by the time she had finished.

So, what is the worst injury you’ve ever suffered?


2 Responses to Ouch, this would hurt!

  1. col gray says:

    I’m disappointed Bruce Clarke.

    I would have thought the worst injury you ever suffered was on that fateful day at VFL PARK where we were having a kick of the footy on the ground after the game. You received a wide handpass from Squatter and went off for a run around the boundary, bouncing the ball along the way while waving to the crowd as you went. Unbeknownst to you I was hot on your heels and ran you down with the greatest tackle you ever did (or did not) see. The crowd called “BALL!” and yes you were penalised for dropping the ball.
    In the mean time because of your lair rising and your lack of respect for your opposition you suffered an injured leg which meant you had to limp to the bus only to find that the bus had driven off and left us stranded…50km’s from home.
    I think if you were honest to yourself and your readers you would have mentioned this as your worst ever injury because I don’t believe you ever recovered from that day.

    Your mate Col.

  2. clarkebruce says:

    I got my own back by flicking your ears all the way home the next time you drove us back from that sh*thole.

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