First Interview

One of my assignments in Non-Fiction this year is to interview someone I don’t know. Ultimately the interview will form the basis of a feature article to be submitted not only for assessment, but for publication.

We’re getting briefed on the assignment in class today – hopefully this will spark a few ideas as to who would make a good interview target.

Even though I’m generally a pretty outgoing person (friends will have coffee spurting out of their noses at this understatement) , I have to admit I’m a little nervous about the idea of conducting a formal question and answer session with a stranger, with a tape recorded whirring away capturing every awkward moment.

The best interviewer I’ve ever seen is Andrew Denton, who is an Australian media personality. He has a weekly chat show (Enough Rope) and his feature interviews generally last for 30 minutes or so. What strikes him apart is

(a) his research;

(b) his listening skills and ability to pursue an interesting chain of thought rather than sticking to the scripted questions;

(c) a lightning sense of humour; and

(d) genuine empathy for his guests.

I guess that’s something I will be trying to keep in mind when I stammer out my first question.

Any suggestions on potential subjects to interview – remember I’m based in Melbourne, Australia – or stories about your own interviewing experiences would be gratefully accepted.


2 Responses to First Interview

  1. riza says:

    I Support you. You will be trying to keep in mind when you stammer out your first question. Oke…


  2. clarkebruce says:

    Thanks for your support and for stopping by to have a look at my site, Riza.


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