Melbourne Writers’ Festival 2007

Extract from MWF 2007 Newsletter, seeking submissions on Melbourne suburbs for their festival guide. See the official festival newsletter for more details.  

Suburban Blurb
Each year, we supply all the writers participating in the festival with a sample bag of goodies and information. They get maps of Melbourne and all sorts of the usual tourist type information from City of Melbourne and other sources – galleries, shops, what’s on. We also supply tram, train and bus timetables.What we don’t have is a really good guide to Melbourne and its suburbs – where to go if you want to check out what Melburnians do, what the weird and wonderful places are and where you can wander about people watching and just relaxing into the city and its suburbs. People don’t always want the big sites and attractions, they want to mooch. For example, I wouldn’t necessarily want to go to the Casino, but I’d like to know about the Ceres Environmental Park in East Brunswick. Or the cake shops in Acland Street. Or the bookshop and cinema in Yarraville. The Prahran markets. Chapel Street.So, if you would like to write up a piece about the suburb where you live, or a suburb you particularly like, detailing what is good about it (cafes, shops, galleries, interesting buildings, good cinemas, nice parks, pubs and so on), and how to get there using public transport. Remember the writers will be staying at the Sofitel in Collins Street (Spring Street end), and have, for the most part, no idea how to get about, so the more details the better – tram # and where to get on, destination, getting off stop, train line, number of stations to the relevant station.

Don’t forget that we’ll need pieces on the CBD too – no doubt people will want to explore Melbourne for the shops, cafes, the laneways, the bars, cinemas, galleries and the music, especially in the evenings.

Also useful would be some half day or full day trips. For example, is there a way of doing the round the bay trip in one day? Or how about having an afternoon in St Kilda, eating chocolate cakes, checking out the para gliders on the beach, Luna Park, galleries, clothes shops? Or all the green areas – botanic gardens and so on. Daylesford. Dandenongs. Phillip Island. That sort of thing. Anything, really, you think would be of interest to a diverse bunch of people dropping in on Melbourne for a short while.

I will then combine all the pieces into a guide to Melbourne, for our international and national writers. All your pieces will be credited with your name and copyright to you. [But I do reserve the right to edit all pieces if necessary.] If we get a good response and we have the time, I will put the pieces into a booklet form, and put it on the web in pdf format. Alas I cannot offer payment for this.

500 words is the word limit, please send them as a word attachment to email. I’d like to have all the pieces in by end of April if at all possible. And you can do as many as you want and be as inspired, diverse, off the wall, as you wish. Email your contribution to


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